My life is an ongoing art project



[FR] Aujourd’hui, aucun de mes plans a marché comme prévu. Mais aujourd’hui j’ai décidé aussi que ma vie est un projet artistique en permanence, donc, quel meilleur moment pour récolter des feuilles ?

[ES] Hoy ninguno de mis planes ha funcionado como estaba planeado. Pero hoy también he decidido que mi vida es un proyecto artístico permanente, por lo tanto, ¿qué mejor momento para cosechar hojas?

[EN] Today none of my plans have worked as planned. But today I have also decided that my life is an ongoing art project, so, what better time to harvest leaves?

Les Robots Absurdes à la Fête de la Récup’

1461robotsrecup01 1462robotsrecup02 1463robotsrecup03 1464robotsrecup04 1465robotsrecup05 1466robotsrecup06 1467robotsrecup07 1468robotsrecup08 1469robotsrecup09 1470robotsrecup10[FR] Petit retour en images du dernier Atelier de Fabrication de Robots Absurdes, à la première édition de la Fête de la Récup’. Cet événement autour des ressourceries a eu lieu à l’Espace des Blancs Manteaux (Paris) les 4 et 5 avril 2015. Plus d’information sur le site du magazine Makery. Merci !

[ES] Un pequeño reportaje fotográfico del último Taller de Fabricación de Robots Absurdos en la primera edición de la Fête de la Récup (fiesta del reciclaje). Este evento que trata sobre los centros de recursos tuvo lugar en el Espace des Blancs Manteaux (París, Francia) el 4 y el 5 de abril de 2015. Más información en la página de la revista Makery ¡Gracias!

[EN] Short photo essay about the latest Absurd Robot Fabrication Workshop in the first edition of the Fête de la Récup (upcycling party). This event revolves around upcycling centers and it took place in the Espace des Blancs Manteaux (Paris, France) the 4th and 5th april 2015. More information on the Makery magazine website. Thanks!

Photographie verticale

1166vertical01[FR] Dans le Port de l’Arsenal, un X jaune volant.

[ES] En el Puerto del Arsenal, una X amarilla volante.

[EN] In the Arsenal Port, a yellow flying X.

1167vertical02[FR] Toucher le vert.

[ES] Tocar lo verde.

[EN] To touch the green.


[FR] Le fameux escalator de Châtelet, sur le chemin de la ligne une.

[ES] Las famosas escaleras mecánicas de Chatêlet, camino de la línea uno.

[EN] The famous escalator of Chatêlet, on the way to line one.

1169vertical04[FR] À Clichy, les cabines téléphoniques sont les témoins d’un monde qui disparaît.

[ES] En Clichy, las cabinas telefónicas son testigos de un mundo en desaparición.

[EN] At Clichy, phone booths are the witnesses of a disappearing world.

1170vertical05[FR] Une brèche de soleil.

[ES] Una brecha de sol.

[EN] A break of sunlight.

Diario de Viaje a Gran Canaria y Tenerife

[FR] Recueil graphique de mon dernier voyage vers la Grande Canarie et Tenerife.

[ES] Resúmen gráfico de mi último viaje a Gran Canaria y Tenerife.

[EN] Visual recapitulation of my last trip to Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

1111rumboaguinea[FR] Plateforme pétrolière en route pour le Golfe de Guinée.
[ES] Plataforma petrolífera rumbo al Golfo de Guinea.
[EN] Petrol platform en route to the Gulf of Guinea.

1112leche[FR] Le logotype du lait ne change jamais.
[ES] El logotipo de la leche nunca cambia.
[EN] Milk logotypes never change.

1113lechuga[FR] Mon père récoltant une laitue.
[ES] Mi padre cosechando una lechuga.
[EN] My father harvesting a lettuce.

1114casaconsol[FR] Une maison avec un soleil peint sur elle.
[ES] Una casa con un sol dibujado.
[EN] A house with a sun painted on it.

1115pimeliasetas[FR] Scarabée noir (Pimelia sp) et pleurote du panicaut (Pleurotus eryngii).
[ES] Escarabajo negro (Pimelia sp) y seta de cardo (Pleurotus eryngii).
[EN] Black beetle (Pimelia sp) and trumpet royale (Pleurotus eryngii).

1116roquenublo[FR, ES, EN] Roque Nublo.

1117corvo[FR] Terrain près du Jardin de Corvo, Gran Canaria.
[ES] Finca cerca del Jardín de Corvo, Gran Canaria.
[EN] Farm near Corvo Garden, Gran Canaria.

1118caldera[FR, ES, EN] Caldera de los Pinos de Gáldar, Gran Canaria.

1119valledeguerra[FR] Valée de Guerra, Tenerife.
[ES] Valle de Guerra, Tenerife.
[EN] Guerra Valley, Tenerife.

1120arepas[FR, ES, EN] Arepa – El Punto Criollo, La Laguna, Tenerife.

1121picodelingles[FR] Vue depuis le Pico del Inglés, Anaga, Tenerife.
[ES] Vista desde el Pico del Inglés, Anaga, Tenerife.
[EN] View from the Pico del Inglés, Anaga, Tenerife.

1122afur[FR] Maisons penchées sur le chemin d’Afur, Tenerife.
[ES] Casas colgadas camino de Afur, Tenerife.
[EN] Hanging houses on the way to Afur, Tenerife.

1123caparazon[FR] Carapace d’anglette commune (Grapsus grapsus).
[ES] Caparazón de cangrejo rojo (Grapsus grapsus).
[EN] Shell of a Sally Lightfoot crab (Grapsus grapsus).

1124uvademar[FR, ES, EN] Uva de mar (Zygophyllum fontanesii).

1125bentayga [FR, ES, EN] Roque Bentayga, Gran Canaria..

1126roque[FR, ES, EN] Roque Bentayga, Gran Canaria..

1127bejeques[FR, ES, EN] Bejeque (Aeonium sp).

1128cueva[FR] Intérieur d’une grotte, Roque Bentayga, Gran Canaria..
[EN] Interior de cueva, Roque Bentayga, Gran Canaria..
[EN] Cave interior, Roque Bentayga, Gran Canaria..

Dominica from A to Z

[Désolé, cet article est disponible uniquement en anglais]
[Lo siento, este artículo está disponible unicamente en inglés]
[Sorry, this article is only available in English]


The largest wild mammal on the island looks like an oversized guinea pig. Its meat is known to be very tasty.


This neg mawon (escaped slave) chief was captured in 1786 and brought to Fort Young of Roseau for interrogation. He was then attached to a metal frame and exposed in Roseau’s market until he died one week later.


Buy the jungle. Now you can do it.

Bush rhums

These homemade herbal liquors combine cask rhums of 60% ABV with a wide variety of local plants and herbs. Varieties have names like spice, nannie, pueve and bois bandé.

Callaloo soup

Popular herb soup from the West Indies, containing spinach, parsley, thyme and other herbs. An enhanced version can contain crab, shrimps, pork and garlic bread.


Can you spot the lizard?


One of the many waterfalls of the island, where the bubbling water looks like it’s boiling.

Digicel vs Lime

These two mobile communication giants fight over the control of the island. You’ll find their ads all over the place.


Send your relatives a postcard despicting a disaster in the place you’re visiting. I find this concept very interesting.

French place names

Names such as « la plaine » or « la savanne » speak of the French colonial past, but they seem have been chosen at random as they designate quite hilly localities.

Giant African Snail

This is an invasive species. If you see it, report it!

Chaudière. It bubbles but it’s not hot.

Hand-painted signs

They’re pretty common, advertising everything from bars and other services, and displaying public awareness campaigns. However, orientation panels are almost nonexistent.


Coral fragment in Champagne beach.


The inhabitants of Dominica before the arrival of Europeans (called « caribs » by them). Nowadays, most of them live in the Kalinago territory (recognized since 1903).

The Crayfish river village has a Kassav Bakery and is an important craftmanship center.


Dominica’s best roller-coaster.


« The beer we drink ». Kubuli beer is a lager ale… now also property of Digicel.


Eastern, Atlantic coast.


Gays in Dominica can be arrested and put in prison for ten years. So be careful out there.


Hand-painted sign.


The rasta philosophy of eating only natural « vital » ingredients. Vegetarian dishes are relatively common.


Hello land crab.


Dominica is home to twenty-two recorded centenarians, including a 128-y-o woman who was possibly one of the oldest in history (check).


House on piloti.

Mountain Chicken

This giant, edible frog is an endangered species. Don’t hunt it, don’t eat it!


Mist descends upon Freshwater Lake.


Many Caribbean houses are built above the ground to prevent flooding. Some houses in Dominica stand on stakes more than 2 meters high!


Muddy waters of Roseau river after the rain.


Originally designated to be the capital of the island, inside a big bay, it was finally discarded (in favour of Roseau) because the swamps that surounded it could induce disease on the population.

Mysterious chubby white fruit.

Provision Pie

Grated vegetable pie made of provisions, which are starchy ground roots such as dasheen or kassav, or fruits such as breadfruit. Yum!

Tannia (or taia [Kalinago], dasheen [English], Dachine [French]) is a tuber plant with big leaves that can be seen all along the roadsides. Dasheen puffs are an speciality of the west of the island.

Neg Mawon Emancipation Monument in Roseau.


Legend says there are 365 of them, one for each day of the year. In any case (with up to 374 mm of rain a month), there are a lot of them.

The high part of the island contains catchment areas, reservoirs and power stations that provide the cities on fresh water and energy.


Red butterfly coconut.


The island’s capital, and the first European settlement, takes its name from the « roseau » reeds that used to grow on the Roseau river delta.

Fort Young in Roseau (nowadays a hotel) played an important role on the history of the country, and in the successive invasions of the island by the French and the English.

See Lennox Honychurch’s site for more details on the history of the island.

We got pas this sign and we survived.

Sisserou Parrot

One of the two endemic local species of parrot. It’s a highly endangered species. You can spot it in Dominica’s coat of arms.


Star grid.

Sukie’s Bread

« Eat Sukie’s Bread by Choice, not by Chance. » Bread in Dominica is quite good.


Star-shaped Mahogany fruit.


Renewable energy is progressively developed, and organic farming and environmental awareness are proposed as a strong touristic argument.

See Sustainable Earth’s site for more details on renewable energies on Dominica.

The sky above has been sequestered by hanging cables.


The original kalinago name of the island, which means « tall is her body ».


Treelike ferns / Trafalgar falls.


Tree lizards, in Dominica they’re mostly brown.

Welcome to Venus.

Après la fin du monde

[FR] Aucune image n’existe par elle même. Chaque image est la continuation d’une autre qui la précède, et l’anticipation d’une autre qui va la suivre. Cette série d’images est un jeu visuel d’association libre, où chaque photographie a un lien visuel ou conceptuel avec la précédente, et un autre avec la suivante. Le lecteur peut tenter de deviner le lien que l’auteur du blog a créé, ou bien inventer un autre totalement nouveau. Merci de jouer.

[ES] Ninguna imagen existe por sí misma. Cada imagen es la continuación de otra que la precede, y la anticipación de otra que la seguirá. Esta serie de imágenes es un juego visual de asociación libre, en el cual cada fotografía tiene una relación visual o conceptual con la precedente, y otra relación con la siguiente. El lector puede intentar adivinar la relación que el autor del blog a creado, o inventar otra totalmente diferente. Gracias por jugar.

[EN] Any picture exists by itself. Each picture is the continuation of another one that precedes it, and the anticipation of another one that will follow it. This series of pictures is a visual free association game, in which each photograph has a visual or conceptual relationship with the one that precedes it, and a different one with the next one. The reader can try to guess the relationship the blog author has created, or invent a totally different one. Thanks for playing.

Images après le saut / Imágenes después del salto / Pictures after the jump.

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