Ceviche Party

not vegan[FR] Peinture numérique + aquarelle et feutre sur serviette.

[ES] Pintura digital + acuarela y rotulador sobre servilleta.

[EN] Digital paint + watercolour and pen on napkin.

Le voyageur spatio-temporel


[FR] Illustration inspirée par l’art européen du XIXe siècle.

[ES] Ilustración inspirada por el arte europeo del siglo XIX.

[EN] Illustration inspired by XIXth century European art.

What does your choice of toothpaste say about you

[FR] Désolé, cet article est disponible uniquement en anglais.

[ES] Lo siento, este artículo sólo está disponible en inglés.

[EN] Sorry, this article is only available in English.

Freud in the bathroom[EN] Total multi-action, 8-in-1: You’re the kind of person who always buys the « all inclusive » kind of insurance. If you have kids, they go to a private school. You like to make lists, and then lists about lists. All your life is planned ahead, you just need to follow the plan. Your ambition has no limits.

Generic brand from your local supermarket: you share a flat with four other friends (and a dog), your diet consists basically of boiled pasta and you use the public transport. You always say that you’re OK with your life, but you strive for a higher state of stability in your economy and your relationships.

Instant White: you have nothing against the new immigrants in your neighbourhood, but you think they could go somewhere else. You clean your toilets with the strongest bleach, always twice. You have a strong fear for aging and death and you wish you could stay young forever.

Pharmacy-bought toothpaste: you seek the reliable efficacy of what you’ve always known. You’ve been carrying the same leather wallet for the last forty years, you always choose exactly the same dish at each one of your favourite restaurants and you wear a classic wrist watch. Modern technology is nonsense.

Anything with animal or kid faces on the package: You have kids. Sometimes, when your regular toothpaste runs out, you use their strawberry-flavoured fluffy-marshmallow cream, which you think is not too bad. In general, you believe the world should be more tolerant towards working parents.

Anything with crystals or sparkles: during daytime, you’re that shy, modest coworker, but you have a wild side under the surface. You recently bought a pair of shiny blue sneakers because it’s your fetish colour. You started yoga classes, but you found it was just not for you (too boring).

Herbal freshness: As a kid, you had many pets and you loved running around in the forest. You secretly dream of leaving the city once and for all and setting your own farm one day, but that day never arrives. In the meantime, you please your senses with the aroma of your fresh breath, buying one green product at a time.

Clay: You consider yourself a simple person and you like to keep things simple. You’ve always wondered why we don’t live in caves anymore, why do we have to wear clothes when its not cold and why we cook our food. You dye your hair with henna and wish for a long-lost time you’ve never lived.